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Category: Fiction

Call Me David

The story is fiction. The issues are real. Some moments call for a good man with stones. **********      It was a Thursday. Not unlike any Thursday in any small town. An unassuming grey-haired man in his late fifties quietly parked his forest green pickup truck in the downtown...
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Bedroom Window

     I awoke to the sun. Its warm morning rays gently knocking on my bedroom window. I sat up, yawned and stretched, kicking back my hand quilted comforter.      I looked out from my second story vantage point across Stevenson Lane to the day. To my left was Carpenter’s...
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The Canoeist

“Beware! He’s Watching.” **********      His ears suddenly perked up. He lifted his head, put his nose to the air. He could smell it almost as soon as he heard the boat’s engine cut off.      “Humans.” His keen nose soon confirmed it.  The mixed aroma of campfire smoke,...
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When The Ghost Whispers “Dig”

“Don’t heed the voice and put shovel to earth, unless mentally prepared to uncover the truth.” ********** “African-Americans made up approximately twenty five percent of the U.S. Navy during the War of 1812. In July, 1813, Commodore Isaac Chauncey reported “nearly 50 blacks” on board his flagship, the General...
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The Hunter

Beware! He’s watching. Author’s Note: This story appeared in The Adirondack Almanack’s Sunday October 31, 2021 on-line Halloween edition, making it my 1st published fiction short story. ********** “What was that noise I just heard? Was that just a squirrel or a chipmunk? Or is somebody watching me? Are...
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An Adirondack Outlaw’s Confession: Where Truth & Fiction Join Forces to Outwit the Law “Sometimes An Outlaw’s Best Hideout Is Right in Plain Sight” ********** Saranac Lake, New York – 1978:       No one paid any attention to the slender blonde t-shirt clad teen walking casually down Woodruff Street,...
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My Bedroom Mirror

A word of warning: Use caution when stepping through bedroom mirrors in spooky old houses. I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains, in a big stone house on One Stevenson Lane, on the outskirts of the village of Saranac Lake. My bedroom windows looked out towards Mount Baker. My...
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Elmo The Fish

When our children were young, I used to make up fun stories to tell them. I made them up on the spot, in my head. Most were bedtime stories, some I told them in the mornings before the school bus arrived. For several years, making up fun Dad stories...
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The Colonel’s Wife

This is another of my early fiction pieces, penned in the early ’90’s, shortly after I left the service. At a time when I thought I wanted to write for a living. Robin & I were living in an apartment on South Massey Street in Watertown, when we were...
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The Tavern

Where temptation reigns, and sinners imbibe. I left the Army in June 1991, shortly after Robin & I were married. I had taken several local Civil Service exams, but while I awaited those results, had no immediate full time employment prospects or plan. With no mortgage, no children, no...
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