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Category: Children’s Stories

Early Birds

My Granddaughter Ari Rae’s 1st Pre-Spring Waterfowl Report Tuesday, February 5th, 2024: I awoke from my afternoon nap as my granddaughter Ari Rae came in from her Paw Patrol walk with her Mama, Aunt Abba, & our family’s Sheltie herd out around our main duck pond. “Tell Grampa what...
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Ari Rae’s Magic Tree

To Ari Rae Marra The Apple of Grampa’s Eye ********** ********** This is Ari Rae Marra. She loves to visit her Grampa’s house. Ari Rae and her Grampa have their own special greeting. Fist bump, high five, gentle head butt. It’s how they tell each other “Hello” & “I...
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Elmo The Fish

When our children were young, I used to make up fun stories to tell them. I made them up on the spot, in my head. Most were bedtime stories, some I told them in the mornings before the school bus arrived. For several years, making up fun Dad stories...
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The Marmalade Cat

********** Carlisle Mulrooney was three years old. He sat by the living room window with his chin on the sill, sniffing the musty old windowpane glass while he stared at the tree in his strange new yard. Raindrops splattered against the glass and dripped from the roof with a...
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