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Category: Classmate Collaborations

We Were the Redskins

********** We were the RedskinsA Gridiron DreamLed by Coach RaymondWho made us a team Fobare at quarterbackCalling the playLeading the RedskinsWhen it was politically okay Tolhurst, Lamb, Cantwell, Sawyer (x2) Manning the LineCamelo at fullbackSpearheading each hard-fought drive Bach was the big backCarrying the ballCates on the outsideDazzling them...
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Bittersweet Memories

Our SLHS Classes of the ’80’s Reunion I hadn’t made time to attend one of our high school class reunions in quite a while. Folks made an effort to organize an ” SLHS Classes of the ’80’s” reunion last year, but not enough folks showed interest, so they decided...
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Where Sentinels Soar

An SLHS ’81 Classmate Collaboration Featuring the World Class Eagle Photography of Peggy Ivimey Framed with Words by Dick Monroe ********** In A Land Beyond Lands Beyond Times Born Before Nature’s Habitat Heritage Filled with Legends and Lore Mountain Lake Magic Gateway to God’s Door Pristine High Peaks Palace...
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April’s Promise

An SLHS ’81 Classmate Collaboration By Jackie Ely & Dick Monroe (With a cameo assist by Karen Barrow Pittman) Winter’s Long March Behind Me Birch Trees Framing My Thoughts Sitting Alone in a Park Contemplating Ice-Covered Mountain Lake Waters Quietly Waiting for Spring (And waiting…and waiting) Soaking In April’s...
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Postcard Picturesque

Small Town Life Adirondack Captured on Camera An SLHS ’81 Classmate Collaboration Featuring Photography by Jackie Ely   Author’s Note:  This story appeared in the January 14, 2022, edition of The Adirondack Almanack. Jackie’s photography proved to be extremely popular. Gaining 371 Facebook shares in a little over a...
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Serenade of the Loon

(All Loon Photography Courtesy of Peggy Ivimey) *An edited version of Serenade of the Loon appeared in the Adirondack Almanack’s April 12, 2021, on-line edition. *A Brief Author’s Note: I first drafted “Serenade of the Loon” several years back. I had plans to submit it to Adirondack Life magazine,...
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