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Category: My Cancer Story

MS in the Mountains

Safely navigating multiple sclerosis & disability’s challenges while living outdoors. Multiple Sclerosis. It’s not something I talk or write about much, but after the sudden onset of symptoms, including numbness in my lower legs and feet, headaches, nausea and vomiting, a series of medical exams, an excruciating battery of...
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The Messenger

********** He had never been a particularly religious man. At least, not overtly. Most of his conversations with God involved hurling a profanity laced framework of frustrated anger towards the sky’s cloud covered heavens around questions like, “Are you happy now?!?” “Do you find this amusing?!?” “Is that all...
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When Life’s Struggle with Death Leaves a Blood Trail He lifted his nose to the breeze gently riding the first rising rays of the sun. Beneath October’s dank, musty fallen leaf blanket and balsam bough cover scent, the crisp north woods promise of snow filled his nostrils. Headed towards...
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Hear Me Roar

My Survivor’s Mission: Giving Hope Voice      Long I’ve been waiting for some signal or sign.  Finally, God has revealed my purpose. This is my mission. I’ve received my orders.      I’ve now endured fifteen long years, battling my way through seemingly insurmountable life and death odds, fighting my...
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Speaking In Tongues

An Adirondack Outlaw’s fight to give his survivor’s journey a voice. “You will most likely never speak again.”      Those words were spoken as part of my Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer surgeon’s final grim prognosis.  Just before they put me under and wheeled me into the operating room. Just...
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Life’s Strange Circle

Author’s Note: This story appeared in The Adirondack Almanack’s December 6, 2021 online edition under the title: “Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction, So Too, Is Life’s Circle”.      Truth is quite frequently stranger than fiction. Each day that I spend in life’s circle re-proves it.     At this point...
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Halfway To Bulletproof

*Author’s Warning: Darkness lies ahead. It’s a place in my life. The part I show no one. Not a place that I seek. Just a trail I end up on. A black that finds me. A dark place where I go. Unexpectedly sometimes. It’s a part of me now....
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Celebrating “Alive”

15 Years Ago, I Was Diagnosed Docs told me “It’s Cancer.” I Fought to Survive One Hard Year Later My Cancer Came Back Doc shook his head “It’s time to call Hospice.” I Refused to Just Die Back To the Wall, Only One Bullet Left “Salvage Surgery” They Called...
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One Man’s Cancer Survival Story ********** To My Wife, Children, Family & Friends  Who’ve Lived & Fought Alongside Me  Every Day We’ve Been In ************ AUTHOR’S NOTE: “I’m Sorry- It’s Cancer.”      Those are words no one ever wants to hear.   I know.   I’ve heard them three...
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