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Category: Camp Recipes

Poached Trout

A Young Adirondack Outlaw’s Recipe for Justice Mid-seventies Saranac Lake was a magical place. It was a great time to be an Adirondack kid growing up. Kids were allowed to be kids. Cell phones and the internet had not yet been invented. Today’s crowded high peaks lakes, mountains &...
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Sharing Late Summer’s Harvest, Berry Picking Memories, & Mom’s Pieberry Recipe ********** Rule #1: “If you want Mom to make pie, first you have to pick pieberries.” This is a rule that I learned early on as a lad. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of Mom &...
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Just Ducky

“In September of 2020, DEC adopted new regulations that added two veteran and active military waterfowl hunting days in four of the five NYS waterfowl hunting zones. During the special season, military active duty and veterans can hunt migratory game birds.” NYS DEC Announcement, September 2020 **********      As...
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Dill Pickle Pike

Author’s note: This story appeared in The Adirondack Almanack’s Friday, August 13th, 2021 online edition. “While many pickled pepper’s Peter Piper may have indeed picked, I sometimes ponder: How many pickled pecks would have Piper picked if perhaps Peter were instead picking dill pickle pike.”      My first youthful...
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Hearty Hunter’s Stew

A Great Pre-Cooked First Night Camp Meal ********** *Author’s Note: As we all eagerly look forward to packing our gear and heading into camp, I thought I’d share a Monroe family “1st Night in Camp” meal tradition: “Hunter’s Stew”.      I first drafted this piece shortly after my “Cliff...
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Lemonade Bass

********** This was actually the last in a series of stories I submitted to Adirondack Life Magazine. They declined it. Their staff’s advice to me at that point was, “Dick, you should take all your fun tales and stick them in an album to share with your grandkids.” I...
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Wild Turkey Soup

Read the Full Story for My Wild Turkey Soup Recipe WARNING!!! One taste of this soup has been known to make sinners of saints! Author’s Note: (An edited version appeared in The Adirondack Almanack’s March 27, 2021 online edition.) ********** Wild Turkey Soup All Happy & Simmering Ready To...
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Roast Grinch

“A year Round Treat” ********** “Outlaw Santa & His Posse” “Just Bagged Some Grinches”      So you’ve been doing some hunting – managed to bag a few Grinches!  Congratulations!  So….Now What??      Well, I wanted to take a moment and offer some suggestions and an easy original Grinch recipe...
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