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Category: Poetry

Coyotes Howl Wild

Nature’s Shadowed Truth Lurks Night skies bleed dark Crisp air grips cold Frost moon reigns high North winds whisper snow Forests stand silent sentry Guarding stories untold Predators prey blood Nature’s truth reconciled Death gnaws life’s bone Rockslide scarred mountains echo Coyotes howl wild ********** Time’s relentless cycle of...
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We Were the Redskins

********** We were the RedskinsA Gridiron DreamLed by Coach RaymondWho made us a team Fobare at quarterbackCalling the playLeading the RedskinsWhen it was politically okay Tolhurst, Lamb, Cantwell, Sawyer (x2) Manning the LineCamelo at fullbackSpearheading each hard-fought drive Bach was the big backCarrying the ballCates on the outsideDazzling them...
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Drumpf Drumpf Baby

                                                                ********** After hearing the news out of Colorado’s Supreme Court There is hope for Democracy At least for the Moment This is my Vanilla Ice Rap ********** Drumpf Drumpf Baby Yo!  Democracy- Stick It! Drumpf Drumpf Baby….Drumpf Drumpf Baby Free Press, STOP!  Shut up and listen! Liar...
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One Lone Hunter

One Lone Hunter Sat in silent surveillance Watching swamped woodland landscapes Until God’s sunset found him One Lone Hunter Quietly unloaded his rifle Climbed down from his tree stand And made his way home ********** Until Our Trails Cross Again: ADKO...
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Leaf Covered Trails

Celebrating Fall’s Season Musings, Memories, & a Hike Framed in a Poem I took a walk today Down a leaf covered trail Fall’s carpet of yesterdays October’s confetti hail I took a walk today Down a leaf covered trail Reminiscing crunched leaf memories In full fallen foliage detail I...
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Where Sentinels Soar

An SLHS ’81 Classmate Collaboration Featuring the World Class Eagle Photography of Peggy Ivimey Framed with Words by Dick Monroe ********** In A Land Beyond Lands Beyond Times Born Before Nature’s Habitat Heritage Filled with Legends and Lore Mountain Lake Magic Gateway to God’s Door Pristine High Peaks Palace...
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Winter’s Water

I might be crazy Folks may think I’m insane Watching my winter’s raindrop chats Be that as it may I’ve discovered one truth Through ebb and flow of life’s time The secret to fathoming Lifequest dreams and desires Is to walk winter’s water Sharing hope with the rain **********...
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North Country Stylin’

To Hell with Diamonds & Pearls When a North Country Man Loves a Woman He buys her Patagonia And Snowshoes ********** Until Our Trails Cross Again: ADKO Wife Stylin’...
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Hungry Bay’s Howl

On the northern shores of Middle Saranac Lake Between Weller and Eden Rests a remote rock rimmed boulder bay Biding time’s weathered seasons Beyond lonely wail of coyote and loon Made legend by Reben Beware Hungry Bay’s windswept whitecap howl Stalking doomed souls it feasts on **********      It...
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‘Twas the Last Day of Goose Season

Sometimes the Christmas spirit finds a hunter’s heart in its own special way ********** New York State’s early Canada goose hunting season runs from September 1-25th. At the beginning of every fall hunting season, I have always looked forward to it. Until last year. For the past ten years...
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