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Category: Paw Patrol Stories

Barefoot Bigfoot

Plus other recent Paw Patrol happenstances at our family’s Watertown snow fortress. Featuring: Gypsy Rose      Gypsy Rose and I have encountered some very strange happenings lately during Paw Patrols at our family’s north country snow fortress.      First of all, there was a mysterious murder. Who Killed Stanley...
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Captain Blue’s Crew

A Cancer Fighting Canine’s Morning Paw Patrol Photo Shoot Featuring: Captain Blue As folks may or may not know by now, our Monroe Paw Patrol family recently received some very devastating news. Captain Blue, our canine Paw Patrol Leader, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Captain Blue is only six and...
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A Perilous Moment

The Day I nearly lost Khalisi. My true canine rescue story. A close call, a hard learned lesson, and a warning.      It happened several years ago, right about this time of year. It was late February or early March. The ground had just refrozen right behind an early...
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My Best Friend Maverick

A Salute To My “Heart” I brought him home as a birthday gift to my wife. It was 2009. I was facing a wall. My family and I were preparing for a “Hail Mary” trip to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center that I feared might be one way. I...
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MegDella’s Flock

A tale inspired by “Saranac Shelties” Author’s Note: My mom, Carol Monroe, brought home our first Shetland Sheepdog just after I graduated high school, shortly before I left for Cornell. Her name was “Lady”. She quickly adopted my father & was his faithful companion for the rest of his...
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Snow Patrol Ambush

Snow Patrol Leader Saranac Diamond In the “Ruff” Supervising Her Troops From Snow Patrol Heaven ********** “Hey! Let Us Out!” “We Just Want To Help!” ********** Just look at those innocent faces! I walked right into their trap. Suddenly: “It’s An Ambush!” I’m surrounded!” After a quick burst of...
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