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Tag: Historic Saranac Lake

A Treasured Island

The Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Cottage My Cottage Caretaker Guided Photography Tour Followed by a Presentation on the Renowned Author’s Life & Works Hosted by the folks at Historic Saranac Lake ********** I grew up in the shadows of the Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Cottage. We called it the...
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Dive Bar Decor

Savoring Saranac Lake’s Rich Bottled History One Glass at a Time ********** I’ve been Adirondack bottle diving for several years now, salvaging Saranac Lake’s rich bottled beverage history from beneath a variety of locations in its meandering array of tannin-stained waters. A number of my more noteworthy finds have...
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Message In A Bottle

Author’s Note: This story 1st appeared in The Adirondack Almanack’s August 1st 2021 on-line edition. **********     When I was a boy growing up in our house on 1 Stevenson Lane, my mom had an antique bottle collection that she kept on a shelf.  One of those bottles had...
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