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A Treasured Island

The Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Cottage My Cottage Caretaker Guided Photography Tour Followed by a Presentation on the Renowned Author’s Life & Works Hosted by the folks at Historic Saranac Lake ********** I grew up in the shadows of the Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Cottage. We called it the...
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MS in the Mountains

Safely navigating multiple sclerosis & disability’s challenges while living outdoors. Multiple Sclerosis. It’s not something I talk or write about much, but after the sudden onset of symptoms, including numbness in my lower legs and feet, headaches, nausea and vomiting, a series of medical exams, an excruciating battery of...
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The Messenger

********** He had never been a particularly religious man. At least, not overtly. Most of his conversations with God involved hurling a profanity laced framework of frustrated anger towards the sky’s cloud covered heavens around questions like, “Are you happy now?!?” “Do you find this amusing?!?” “Is that all...
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Leaving a Trail

My Adirondack Outlaw 2023 Year End Review A Wedding, a Retirement, an Epic Plane Ride, Speaking in Tongues, My Return to the Almanack, Cedar Log Surgery, 30,000 Readers, Ari Rae’s Apple Tree, an Alamo Shootout, a Green Christmas, and the Journey to SIXTY! Well, another hike through a year...
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Bloomingdale BogScapes & A “How To” On Birch Boxes

An Enjoyable Evening at the Adirondack Artists’ Guild Celebrating the Beauty of The Bloomingdale Bog Featuring a “How To” demonstration on the creation of birch boxes By Friend & Photographer Eleanor Sweeney Followed by a presentation & discussion on the art of painting Bloomingdale Bogscapes By Artist Stephen Horne...
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When Life’s Struggle with Death Leaves a Blood Trail He lifted his nose to the breeze gently riding the first rising rays of the sun. Beneath October’s dank, musty fallen leaf blanket and balsam bough cover scent, the crisp north woods promise of snow filled his nostrils. Headed towards...
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Grail Quest

Sometimes The Holy Grails We Seek Are Right There All Along I suspect we each have our own individual grail quests. It’s a uniquely personal endeavor, filled with passion, hope, heartbreak and peril. Holy Grails themselves can evolve over time and take many forms. For me, one of my...
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Alone The Night

Reflections on Life From an Adirondack Lean-to Have you ever spent a night alone in the woods? I have. Whether bivouacked in a deer hunter’s mountainside tent, working long summer days as a trail hand from a remote high-peaks cabin, enjoying the cedar log solitude of my favorite lean-to,...
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My Dad Knew Smokey Bear

In Memory of Thomas R. Monroe My Father’s Day Tribute As my father’s son, growing up, I had no idea that my life might just be a bit different from the other boys around me. It all just seemed so normal. I never gave it a thought. I mean,...
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Hope Springs Eternal

Sometimes Against All Odds Nature’s New Life Prevails ********** I’ve spent the past thirty plus years working to bring. our family’s old farm lot back to life. One major component of that effort through the years has been slowly adding a network of ponds. Robin & I added our...
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