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We Were the Redskins

Fall 1980
Varsity Saranac Lake Redskins


We were the Redskins
A Gridiron Dream
Led by Coach Raymond
Who made us a team

Fobare at quarterback
Calling the play
Leading the Redskins
When it was politically okay

Tolhurst, Lamb, Cantwell, Sawyer (x2)
Manning the Line
Camelo at fullback
Spearheading each hard-f
ought drive

Bach was the big back
Carrying the ball
Cates on the outside
Dazzling them all

We owned the hectare
Crowds cheered the score
A pass or hand off from Fobare
Had them screaming for more

Red Raiders, Bears, Lumberjacks
Trembled when we took the field
We were the Redskins
The team other teams feared


Until Our Trails Cross Again:

AKA: Monk

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