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Drumpf Drumpf Baby

                                                                ********** After hearing the news out of Colorado’s Supreme Court There is hope for Democracy At least for the Moment This is my Vanilla Ice Rap ********** Drumpf Drumpf Baby Yo!  Democracy- Stick It! Drumpf Drumpf Baby….Drumpf Drumpf Baby Free Press, STOP!  Shut up and listen! Liar...
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Remember The Alamo

An ADK Outlaw Bailout Pinned down & caged, running out of ammo as his quarry attempted an escape. Would reinforcements arrive in time? Two lifelong friends. One epic hunt. ********** Chuck & I first met in college. We each quickly realized we shared two things in common: We were...
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One Lone Hunter

One Lone Hunter Sat in silent surveillance Watching swamped woodland landscapes Until God’s sunset found him One Lone Hunter Quietly unloaded his rifle Climbed down from his tree stand And made his way home ********** Until Our Trails Cross Again: ADKO...
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Trailhead to a Wedding

My mission seemed simple. My planned route, straightforward. Little did I know of the myriad perils lying in wait on the trail before me. It all began innocently enough. “Hey Dad. Carrie & I were wondering. You know those trailhead register boxes? Well, we thought it would be great...
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Locked Up

The Saranac Lake Uppers Locks Construction Project An Adirondack Outlaw Scouting Report The NYSDEC announced in early September that the upper locks on the Saranac River between lower and Middle Saranac Lakes would be closed until further notice beginning September 18th due to a planned reconstruction upgrade of the...
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Leaf Covered Trails

Celebrating Fall’s Season Musings, Memories, & a Hike Framed in a Poem I took a walk today Down a leaf covered trail Fall’s carpet of yesterdays October’s confetti hail I took a walk today Down a leaf covered trail Reminiscing crunched leaf memories In full fallen foliage detail I...
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From Rail to Trail

A Sneak Peek at the Adirondack Rail Trail First things first: Yes, I can read. The sign clearly says, “Trail Closed” (Although someone has moved it.) And yes, I have read the NYSDEC notices & bulletins urging folks to stay off the trail until work is completed. I realize...
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Aerial Reconnaissance

The Anniversary Gift of a Lifetime: An Adirondack Flyover My wife Robin & I received a huge surprise this year from our children for our (Lord, PLEASE, hear my prayer! Help me get this number right!) 33rd wedding anniversary. They went in together and bought us an Adirondack plane...
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Sharing Late Summer’s Harvest, Berry Picking Memories, & Mom’s Pieberry Recipe ********** Rule #1: “If you want Mom to make pie, first you have to pick pieberries.” This is a rule that I learned early on as a lad. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of Mom &...
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A Zen Boat Journey of Discovery Spending a “Shipwrecked” Day Exploring Middle Saranac Lake’s Ship Island The landscape canopy was still fully arrayed in splendid shades of bright green as my wife Robin & I made our way up along Route 3 from Watertown for what was intended as...
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