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Tag: Adirondack Outlaw

Alone The Night

Reflections on Life From an Adirondack Lean-to Have you ever spent a night alone in the woods? I have. Whether bivouacked in a deer hunter’s mountainside tent, working long summer days as a trail hand from a remote high-peaks cabin, enjoying the cedar log solitude of my favorite lean-to,...
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Scarred Cedar Logs

Bull Rush Bay Lean-to Desecration! Discoveries, Musings, Encounters & Memories on My Journey to Zen I suppose folks could consider this the fourth in my ongoing series of Bull Rush Bay lean-to life stories. For the past fifty-one years I’ve been canoeing in to Middle Saranac Lake’s site 63...
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Perilous Monk

Life Lessons in Football, Mathematics and Cheerleaders      It was fall 1980. I know this because it was also the fall of my senior year at Saranac Lake High School.      Life as a high school senior for me was firing on all cylinders. I had a part-time job...
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Hear Me Roar

My Survivor’s Mission: Giving Hope Voice      Long I’ve been waiting for some signal or sign.  Finally, God has revealed my purpose. This is my mission. I’ve received my orders.      I’ve now endured fifteen long years, battling my way through seemingly insurmountable life and death odds, fighting my...
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Menu of Memories

I May Have Been a Pep Rally Cheerleading Phenom, But My True High School Major Was Lunch Hour.      I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but I absolutely loved high school.  Many cherished memories of life were crammed into those four short years, including some of my...
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Saranac Lake Spirits

Take Care What You Seek! It Just Might Find You!      In order to protect the innocent (and not so innocent) in this story, I’ll stick with our SLHS crew’s nicknames:  Monk, Blind, Chet, Juan, Jordan, Feinie, Dupe, Missy, Krissy, Maryanne, Shelly & Leslie. Well, okay, mostly nicknames, anyways....
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Speaking In Tongues

An Adirondack Outlaw’s fight to give his survivor’s journey a voice. “You will most likely never speak again.”      Those words were spoken as part of my Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer surgeon’s final grim prognosis.  Just before they put me under and wheeled me into the operating room. Just...
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How Much Wood?

It’s An Age-Old Question: “How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck If a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood?”      It’s a mystery I’ve been pondering since I was a lad.  I’ve dedicated a lifetime of serious research and study seeking to answer to this question. I’ve chucked my own fair...
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2022 Mountains & Valleys

My Adirondack Outlaw 2022 Year End Review      2022 was certainly a year of high peaks and steep valleys. Some days I felt like I had just successfully constructed and climbed my own mountain. Other days I felt like I’d just been run over thirty-six times by a snowplow....
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North Country Stylin’

To Hell with Diamonds & Pearls When a North Country Man Loves a Woman He buys her Patagonia And Snowshoes ********** Until Our Trails Cross Again: ADKO Wife Stylin’...
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