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2022 Mountains & Valleys

My Adirondack Outlaw 2022 Year End Review

“Monroe Mountain”

     2022 was certainly a year of high peaks and steep valleys. Some days I felt like I had just successfully constructed and climbed my own mountain. Other days I felt like I’d just been run over thirty-six times by a snowplow.

     First on the list of 2022 Adirondack Outlaw High Peaks:

Our granddaughter, Ari Rae Marra, was born!

And properly Bull Rush Bay baptized, of course.

     Then we unexpectedly lost Paw Patrol Leader Captain Blue to lymphoma.

RIP in Dog Heaven, Captain Blue

     We gained two new Paw patrol members:

Gypsy Rose

We’re still in negotiations over whose chair this is

& Princess Luna

Our new “Pup Patrol” leader
Princess Luna

before once again suffering the loss of Senior Paw Patrol member Player just after Christmas.

RIP in Dog Heaven

     Our daughter Abigail Lyn moved into her own apartment in May (sort of).

Our son RJ & daughter-in-law to be Carrie & their dog Finley J. moved to Corning.

  Carrie finished her graduate degree.

Both she & RJ landed exciting new jobs.

In the meantime,

RJ bagged a trophy Tom turkey.

     Mom successfully survived triple bypass surgery.

“This way to Grandma’s house.”

RJ and I bought a boat.

A true “Outlaw” boat.
1st thing somebody did was steal the license plate!

     We had another great Monroe family Bull Rush Bay camping summer.

“Summer Camp”
ADK Outlaw Style!

ADK Outlaws, just chillin’
(And yes, there are warrants!)

ADK Outlaw camp queens
Enjoying their throne

The Adirondack Outlaw Canine Canoe Ferry

ADK Outlaw boating essentials

RJ and I somehow survived another perilous fall duck hunting canoe escapade.

Now to Uncle Ray’s house for Duck Dinner!

Followed by a hit & miss bag (RJ hit, I missed) of deer hunting success.

I needed RJ’s hunting guide assist to FINALLY bag this one

     Robin and I made plans for her to year end retire.

Then she changed course and told the hospital she wasn’t retiring until they settled the damned contract!

“I ain’t retirin’ ’til they settle our contract!”

     I put the finishing touches on ‘Monroe Mountain”. 

“Monroe Mountain”
Experts Only

Then mother nature stepped in and snowed.

Merry Christmas 2022!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Hitting us with not one but Two “once in a generation” snowstorms.

In a month.

In the end,
Watertown got as much or more snow than Buffalo

As for my 2022 Adirondack Outlaw writing adventures:

First and foremost,

 An important announcement:


With a December 31st final day surge of 438

My blog hit 10,440 visitors for 2022!


     The year started off with Adirondack Outlaw riding high. It seemed I was hitting on all cylinders, regularly writing some of the most popular stories & getting rave reviews from readers at The Adirondack Almanack.

     Then, suddenly, out of the blue, without warning, lightning struck. Someone in The Adirondack Almanack’s world decided that because I wrote stories about playing high school football for the Saranac Lake Redskins, I was somehow a racist.

For the Crime of playing Saranac Lake Redskins High School football.
And daring to write about it.

     That was the end of that. By mid-February, I was once again following my own path as an Adirondack Outlaw.

     I was never allowed to know who it was who made those accusations. They were allowed to do so like a coward, anonymously, and quite publicly. I cannot help but believe that what was really going on was quite simple:


My stories were far more popular with Almanack readers than many other writers on that site.

     This has happened to me as a writer before. When my Adirondack Outlaw star begins shining bright, those who envy my popularity with readers conspire to get rid of me. I believe that someone associated with The Adirondack Almanack achieved their agenda.

     Be that as it may, my break from The Adirondack Almanack proved to be a blessing in disguise! My blog readership flourished. I flew past my 2020 record of 9,021 readers in early November. With a little help from loyal family and friends, I finished 2022 with gusto, blasting past 10,000 on the final day of the year. Final Number: 10,574!

An blog 2022 stat breakdown snapshot

      I penned 55,000 words in 2022, posted exclusively on my blog after leaving the Almanack, in another 40+ Adirondack Outlaw adventures, poems & stories.

  The average published book contains between 50,000 & 80,000 words.

So, in essence, in 2022, ADKO penned a book!

My top stories for 2022 were, in order from 1-5:

Captured Canoes

Drummer’s Debut

Lake Effect Life

Outlawed Athletics

Advanced Biology

    There must have been one or more Captured Canoe entries from Norway, because I had a sudden influx of Norwegian readers regularly visiting my site.

“Captured Canoes”
My top 2022 blog story
Especially in Norway

     I love getting international reads!

34 different countries visited my blog in 2022, with my top views outside the U. S. coming from Ireland, Canada, and Norway.

     Late in the year, I had another surprise event occur. My story “Olympic Outlaws” was chosen by Harmonny Performing Arts Center for a live dramatic reading, right here locally at the Sackets Harbor Ballroom. It was a great evening. My whole family attended. The entire experience was a high honor, and awesome.

     I also took a deep breath and did a little live read of my own. I attended a “Barkreader’s” event one evening in in Saranac Lake at The Adirondack Center for Writing and read “The River Calling” during their open mic, one of my 2022 most popular poems.

    As a cancer survivor missing half a jaw and with no tongue, it’s a huge challenge for me to do a live reading.

Another Monroe Mountain conquered.

I’m glad I did it.

So, with all that in the books for 2022, the question now is:


What will 2023 bring?

I don’t have a crystal ball, but two very exciting events are already planned:

#1: RJ & Carrie are getting married!

#2: Robin is FINALLY retiring!

(at least that’s the rumor)

     As far as my Adirondack Outlaw Writing career goes, at this point, there’s one event on my calendar: I’m planning on going back up to Saranac Lake for another of The Adirondack Center for Writing’s Barkreader’s open mic nights!

January 18th, 2023

I’m planning to read

“Serenade of the Loon”

Another one of my most popular poems.

Family & friends are welcome to join me!

To help ring in 2023 right, for those who do,

 I’m buying a round of drinks afterwards!

Stay Tuned!

More info to follow

 Beyond that,

I just plan to keep writing and sharing my stories on my blog.



 HAPPY 2023

To all my loyal family, friends, readers & blog followers.


Until Our Trails Cross Again: