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Drone Hunter

When high tech intruded, the hunter went old school. They suddenly began showing up on his trail cams in mid-May. Strange glowing images hovering low over his back fields at night. He did not know what to make of them. Folks all thought he was a bit overly paranoid...
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Remember The Alamo

An ADK Outlaw Bailout Pinned down & caged, running out of ammo as his quarry attempted an escape. Would reinforcements arrive in time? Two lifelong friends. One epic hunt. ********** Chuck & I first met in college. We each quickly realized we shared two things in common: We were...
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One Lone Hunter

One Lone Hunter Sat in silent surveillance Watching swamped woodland landscapes Until God’s sunset found him One Lone Hunter Quietly unloaded his rifle Climbed down from his tree stand And made his way home ********** Until Our Trails Cross Again: ADKO...
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When Life’s Struggle with Death Leaves a Blood Trail He lifted his nose to the breeze gently riding the first rising rays of the sun. Beneath October’s dank, musty fallen leaf blanket and balsam bough cover scent, the crisp north woods promise of snow filled his nostrils. Headed towards...
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Call of the Crow

      He sat perched on a flat, sloping, moss-covered boulder at the edge of a cliff, overwatching the hardwood forest below him. The hunter scanned predawn silence through late October’s mid-fall morning mist.      The year was 1981, more than a decade before cell phones. A time when hunters...
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‘Twas the Last Day of Goose Season

Sometimes the Christmas spirit finds a hunter’s heart in its own special way ********** New York State’s early Canada goose hunting season runs from September 1-25th. At the beginning of every fall hunting season, I have always looked forward to it. Until last year. For the past ten years...
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Seven Point

Some hunt for trophy bucks. Some hunt for memories. In a secluded spot along my trails On an elm by a bridge Hangs a simple wooden sign It reads: “Seven Point” Whenever I reach that spot on my route My mind is transported To one treasured moment Etched forever...
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