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Seven Point

Some hunt for trophy bucks.

Some hunt for memories.

In a secluded spot along my trails

On an elm by a bridge

Hangs a simple wooden sign

It reads:

“Seven Point”

Whenever I reach that spot on my route

My mind is transported

To one treasured moment

Etched forever in memory.

Harvest dew’s sunrise mist

Fall air cool and crisp

I walked quietly to one stand

My son to another

As I settled in

A single shot rang out

My son’s anguished voice followed

“Dad! I missed!”

I descended my tree stand

We met on the trail, by a bridge

There lay his buck

My son had not missed

That hunt is now memory

Each time I cross that bridge

To a moment I hold dear

One father, one son

“Seven Point”

One shared hunt


Until Our Trails Cross Again: