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From Rail to Trail

A Sneak Peek at the Adirondack Rail Trail First things first: Yes, I can read. The sign clearly says, “Trail Closed” (Although someone has moved it.) And yes, I have read the NYSDEC notices & bulletins urging folks to stay off the trail until work is completed. I realize...
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When The Gales Come Early

My True Father/Son Adirondack Outlaw Duck Hunting Survival Story Author’s Note: This story appeared in the October 29, 2021 online edition of The Adirondack Almanack. “The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down Of the big lake they called Gitche Gumee’ The lake it is said, never gives...
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“Memories Are Best When Shared With Friends” A Classmate Snapshot of Friends Saranac Lake High School Class of 1981 *********** An Introductory Note: “Connections & Memories become more cherished through time. Each of us remembers in ways both individual & unique. I wanted to share some of mine.” **********...
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Enterprising Lads

Author’s Note: This story was published in The Adirondack Almanack’s December 21, 2021 online edition. **********      We  moved to Saranac Lake from Lake Placid in the summer of ’73.  I had just finished 4th grade.               My brother Ray (“Raymond” then) & I explored the river, rode bikes,...
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Blown Up & Stuffed

Author’s Note: A little over a year after debuting as my blog’s all time most viewed post, this story was published in The Adirondack Almanack’s November 26, 2021 online edition. ********** “Saranac Lake Redskins” “This Here Is Monk” Saranac Lake High School. Varsity practice field – July, 1978:      ...
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Dead Eye Dick

Author’s Note: This story appeared in the September 25, 2021 online edition of the Adirondack Almanack in a slightly modified version under the title “Outlaw Duck Hunters”. “Regular Ducks” **********  My first brush with the law came in ’74. I was 10.  Fresh out of 5th Grade, I still...
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The Bear Dance

A Brief Outlaw Note:      Ahead of this story, as a map check, I wish to share a few thoughts.      My goal for this blogging adventure remains simple:  Share Some Day’s I’ve been In.      Within these posts my readers will find rugged Adirondack hikes, canoe trips, hunting...
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Swamp Things

When I was a boy, we read comic books. They cost about a dime. Titles like “Avengers”, “Fantastic Four”, “Two Gun Kid”, “Ghost Rider”, “The Incredible Hulk”(of course), & Sgt. Rock. One of my personal favorites was “Swamp Thing”. “Swamp Thing” was this mangled, disfigured, moss covered monster. Outcast...
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Damn The Torpedoes!

     Monroe Bull Rush Bay Camp Prep, 2019: I dragged Dad’s old 12 foot aluminum Grumman canoe from behind my shed, cleaned it up, replaced bow and stern lines, then spray painted it camouflage greens and browns over a base of flat black.     I cleaned and lubed the...
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Olympic Outlaws

How Two SLHS Outlaws Were Thwarted in Pursuit of the Gold Author’s Note: ( “Olympic Outlaws” appeared in The Adirondack Almanack’s March 18, 2021 online edition) **********      I first met Chris in the spring of 1978.  We were both freshman milers on the Saranac Lake track team.  I...
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