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“Memories Are Best When Shared With Friends”

A Classmate Snapshot of Friends

Saranac Lake High School

Class of 1981


An Introductory Note:

“Connections & Memories become more cherished through time. Each of us remembers in ways both individual & unique. I wanted to share some of mine.”


“CANARAS” 1981

One Of My First Poem’s Made Page 1!


A Seeming Eternity, Learning, Growing

Starts So Small, So Unaware

Laughter, Loving, Hurting, Knowing

First Things First, We Learn To Share

Fast These Precious Days Are Flowing

Meeting Peers, Friendships Sprouting Everywhere

The Time We Had, The Memories Glowing

Years Go By, We Hurt, We Care

The End Is Here, We All Leave Knowing

We Will Yearn For Yesteryear

Richard T. Monroe, 1981


Author’s Note: I guess the above poem counts as my first “Published Piece”.

Full disclosure, I had an “In”. Our SLHS Yearbook Editor that year, Missy, was one of my very best high school friends.

And My First Official Editor Too!

“Missy- I Sure Hope You Don’t Mind

I Borrowed A Few Old Yearbook Photos”




Richard T. Monroe

SLHS Class Of 1981

My Saranac Lake High School Senior Yearbook Quote:

“When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical. And all the birds in the trees, well they’d be singing so happily, joyfully, playfully, watching me. But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical. And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable, clinical, intellectual, cynical.”

“There are times, when all the world’s asleep, the questions run too deep, for such a simple man. Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned, I know it sounds absurd, but please tell me who I am.”

“The Logical Song”


“Breakfast In America”

copyright 1979

Looking back, That Song Proved Rather Prophetic

I Still Seek The Answer


When You Grow Up “Adirondack”

Memorable Moments Occur In The Woods

At Least Some of Mine Did

“My Phelps Mountain Buck”


Growing Up In & Around the High Peaks Region

We were protected by some “Forever Wild” superheroes.

For me, one of them was my dad.

Smokey the Bear worked for him.

My Dad, DEC Region 5 Regional Director Tom Monroe, in a joint press conference with Smokey the Bear

Smokey The Bear even came to my birthday parties!

Smokey The Bear Says:

“Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires”


Woodsy Owl Says:

“Give A Hoot, Don’t Pollute”


I have truly come to enjoy reconnecting with old friends, sharing memories, and making new ones through these Adirondack Outlaw Blog Posts.

I thought it would be fun to create a Post where we could share memories together.

I Wonder What The Statue Of Limitations On Memories Is?

Some Of Mine May Be A Bit Revealing!

Just Some Cheerleaders Lookin’ For Dates to The “Drag”


Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Saranac Lake, N.Y.

Thursday, June 26, 1975:

Middle School Honor Society Inductions:

I’m Not Entirely Certain What Happened

It All Seemed To Start Respectably Enough!


“Boy Scouts Of America”

“Oh Yeah! THAT’S What Happened!”

Ours Was A Bona Fide

Outlaw Troop”

“Pass The Spinners”

Boy Scout Code For:

“Pass The Bait”

“Artificial Lures Only”

“Special Trout Waters”

En route To Summertime Scout “Camporees”

I think My Troop Figured We Had An In House

“Get Out Of Jail Free” Card

Namely ME!

I Was The DEC Regional Director’s Son!

For one “Outlaw In Training”

It was All Downhill From There


Here’s How Yesteryear Comments Will Work:

Stroll Down Through This Post, Enjoy Memories Along The Way

In The “Comments” Section At The Bottom Of The Post

Please Share A Brief Memory Of Your Own

I Will Also Periodically Update & Add To This Post


Please Respect Three Rules:

Rule # 1: BE NICE!

Rule # 2: Nothing Raunchy, No Vulgarity

Rule # 3: Please Be Concise


Here’s An Example:

Remember When SLHS Athletes were

Known as the Saranac Lake “REDSKINS”?

1978 SLHS Varsity Boys Track Team
CANARAS yearbook photo

Now I COULD Have Said:

“Remember When Saranac Lake Redskins

Kicked Tupper Lake Lumberjack Butt?”

But That Would Have Violated Rule # 1

So, I Didn’t


Two Saranac Lake Redskins Gridiron Legends

“Dupe” “Monk”

(Missing from photo: “Mike”)

Mike went “Wide Right”

He got “Blown Up & Stuffed”

Fall 1979 Saranac Lake Redskins
Canaras Yearbook Photo


A Little Know Fact:

Monk’s” Redskins football career nearly came to an end before it even got started. I trotted onto the field late one day for practice.

Long Story Short :


Monk got distracted

Coach Raymond accosted me; “Hey Monk – You’re LATE!”

Monk said something stupid


“Turn In Your Gear!”

Shortly thereafter, that same afternoon, Mr. LaGasse, my math teacher, spotted me, slumped alone in a seat in the back of his classroom. I told him what happened. He took pity on me. Mr. LaGasse approached Coach Raymond. He pled my case. Coach Raymond relented. Monk almost got stuffed. Mr. LaGasse saved my Redskins career.


Saranac Lake High School

Our Alma Mater

The Scene of Many a Crime

More Than A Few Empty “Dead Soldiers”

Hide Out Back in The Woods

School Lockers Still Likely Stuffed

With Some Skeletons Too!


Hopefully My Three Simple Rules Will Suffices


I Am Sure Dr. Houth Patrols These Halls


Beg Your Pardon Mr. Pond?”

Dr. Houth
Canaras Yearbook Photo

“That Monroe Kid Did WHAT??!!”

(An Anonymous Advanced Biology Lab Partner & I skinned our lab rat, stuffed the hide full of paper towels and hid it in a girl’s bathroom toilet with the head sticking out, to scare the girls, as a prank. One detail we neglected- my lab partner & I had the only spotted rat in Mr. Pond’s class. One of the cleaning ladies found it and screamed. We quickly got SNAGGED.)

“Richard Monroe -Please Report To The Main Office”

Yup! You Guessed It….

Monk Got Ratted Out!

Me & my lab partner got a 2-day internal suspension for that one!


“Doc” Houth Does Monitor This Site

He has a Comment Posted On “Blown Up & Stuffed”

So If Anyone Misbehaves

They WILL Serve Detention!


Some Other Confessions:

My SLHS Bowling Team “Parole” Certificate

Yes! We High School Bowled

Until Our Team Got Caught One Night

Drinking Vodka & Grape Kool-Aide

On The Bowling Team Bus

Tasted Less like “Screwdrivers”

More Like a “Wrench”


In My Defense:

It Weren’t Me Who Brung It!

I Just Drank Some


Dr. Houth Passed Sentence:

Another 2 Day Internal Suspension

Now I Was A Bowling Delinquent Too!

Well, This Actually Preceded My Rat Caper

There May have Been Other Offenses

I Ain’t Sayin

I’ll Leave That to You


I guess That’s It For Now

Please Check Back In Later

Scroll Down

Read & Post New Comments

I’ll Post Updated Mug Shots

From Time To Time

Who Knows:

Maybe Someday One of Them Will Be Yours!


Right Now I’ve Got To Keep Movin’

“Monk” May Yet Have Outstanding Warrants

Still Lives Life On The Lam


Until Our Trails Cross Again:

Thanks For Stopping By

I Enjoy Hiking With Old Friends


AKA: “Monk”