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Barefoot Bigfoot

Plus other recent Paw Patrol happenstances at our family’s Watertown snow fortress.


Gypsy Rose

My morning Paw Patrol with Gypsy Rose

     Gypsy Rose and I have encountered some very strange happenings lately during Paw Patrols at our family’s north country snow fortress.

     First of all, there was a mysterious murder.

Who Killed Stanley Stoat?!

Evidentiary Photography
Courtesy of Paw Patrol CSI

Found dead on the ice.

Surrounded by rabbit tracks on my snow-covered main pond.

No murder weapon,

No suspect tracks,

No bloody fingerprints to be found.

A mysterious murder scene.

A real-life CSI crime scene.

Right there on my pond.

     Then this morning we encountered the unmistakable tracks of a Bigfoot!

Gypsy & I formed a hypothesis.

Maybe HE killed the stoat!

Evidentiary footprints.

Clear as a bell in the snow.

We must have just missed him.

He walked right up our front sidewalk!

Must have run off when he heard us coming.

  How rude!

Least he coulda’ done was hang around to help me shovel.

Unless he really WAS Stanley Stoat’s murderer.

And fled out of guilt.

     Then there was yesterday’s event.

Apparently, it’s not enough we’ve got, “Lake Effect”, “Windchill factor”, “Thunder Snow” & “Polar Vortexes” to deal with.


Somebody decided we need a new phenomenon to deal with.

Something some brilliant weather folks dubbed

“Wrap Around Snow”.  

     If you find yourself, as I did before yesterday, unfamiliar with this new term,

it turns out “Wrap Around Snow” is just fancy weatherman speak for

“After this this snowstorm passes over you once it’s going to sneak back around and hit you again.

Only harder.”  

Gypsy Rose & I
Returning from our morning Paw Patrol
After exploring the wonders of “Wrap Around Snow.”

     Not only that, but as it turns out, “Wrap Around Snow” can keep ON wrap around snowing, spinning in smaller and smaller circles until it is only snowing over my house.

    Now, folks may think I exaggerate, but my wife is my witness.

Yesterday afternoon about 4pm I called out to her.

“Robin, I want you to witness this!”

    We had blue skies to the east of us. There was not a single snowflake falling across the street at our neighbor’s house.

     It was clear as a bell to the south. 

The late afternoon sun was actually shining over the neighbor’s house on that side.

Nothing but blue bird skies to the north.

     It was clear as a bell out back by my ponds to the west as well.

     But right over our house it was snowing like a banshee from one remnant “Wrap Around” cloud.

I might have said a few choice words to God about “Wrap Around” while I shoveled and snowblowed.

For the seventh time.

All from the same cloud. 

     Finally, I was so preoccupied by all these recent mysterious events,

While I was outside this morning shoveling last night’s wrap around remnants,

My wife poked her head out.

“Umm…Hun, did you forget something?”


I looked down at my feet.

“Oh yeah. Boots!”

     Come to think of it,

Maybe that wasn’t a Bigfoot at my front door after all.

But I didn’t create “Wrap Around Snow”.

And Gypsy Rose as my witness,

I did not murder Stanley Stoat.


Until Our Trails Cross Again:

ADKO & Gypsy Rose

My Enthusiastic Bigfoot Tracker

CSI Crime Scene Investigator

Wrap Around Snow Chaser


Paw Patrol Partner