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Roast Grinch

“A year Round Treat”


“Outlaw Santa & His Posse”

Just Bagged Some Grinches”

     So you’ve been doing some hunting – managed to bag a few Grinches!  Congratulations!  So….Now What??

     Well, I wanted to take a moment and offer some suggestions and an easy original Grinch recipe from my own Outlaw Chef’s pantry.

  **Disclaimer: I’ve never tasted this Roast Grinch recipe myself.  These days I cook by memory, inspiration and smell. But there are never any leftovers when I  make it, so I take that as a hearty thumbs up!    

     Now – I am a firm believer that proper Roast Grinch preparation begins in the field.  I recommend that once you bag a Grinch- field dress  it right away!

“Another Successful Hunt!”

     Once you’ve got it dressed, dragged or Outlaw sleighed from the woods, there are several options for processing your Grinch.

     Outlaw Santa likes to let all his Grinches hang several days and then butcher them himself- but not everyone has access to a North Pole cooler or a workshop full of elves.

    For us Non- Santa Outlaws, or those with multiple Grinches in their bag, there are Grinch processors out there Who do the job for a small fee, turning mean old Grinches into a tasty variety of vacuum packed meats.

     Whatever your preference- once your freezer is filled, what better time than the  Holidays to host a Roast Grinch Feast?!

      I’m sure there are some doubters-that  hesitant few- I hear it all the time- “I don’t know…. I don’t think I like to eat Grinch.”

      I suspect most of those folks either never have  tried it-  or if they did, they got their meal from someone who didn’t  properly follow Step 1 above.  Try it!  Who knows?  You might like it!  Prepared properly- Oven Roasted Grinch tastes pretty good.

     Plus- if you didn’t manage to bag a Grinch this year- don’t worry!  This recipe’s pretty versatile.  Any good Outlaw fare is.  Don’t be afraid to substitute,  it works well with beef, pork, or a nice venison roast too.  It even makes a great roast for camp!  Either pre-cooked and warmed as an appetizer on the fire, or double foil wrapped and slow roasted as a main course on a smoky camp grill.

    All I know is, when I make it- everyone on my “Nice” list comes clamoring for more!

     So- Merry Christmas!  My Holiday Gift to you.

I’d have asked Outlaw Santa to leave the whole roast- but it might not fit in the stocking.  I thought it better to give you the recipe instead.



Until Our trails cross again

Happy Hunting! 



“Bacon Wrapped Onion & Black Pepper Stuffed Oven Roasted Grinch”


2lb Roast of Grinch (Any cut- shoulder recommended)  

1lb Thick cut bacon strips-(any flavor)

2 Big Onions (Sweet or Red recommended.  One of each works good too.)

1 pkg. Mushrooms (Whole or Sliced, Chef’s Choice- I use Baby Bella’s)

1 Big Green Bell Pepper (optional)

Fresh Ground Black Pepper Grinder

A Dash of Garlic Powder

Other spices To Taste:

(I recommend Smoky Montreal Steak Seasoning)

Liquid Smoke

Worcestershire Sauce

1 Stick Butter

You Will Need: 

One glass topped oven dish (if you can’t find one – use any oven pan big enough, and cover it in foil), big enough to hold the roast.  A small handful of toothpicks,  a small bowl, 2 pot holders,  a big fork & a sharp knife!

Note: If you are pre-cooking it to serve in camp, you’ll need heavy duty foil for that too.


 Pre-heat the oven to 350 Degrees.

 Trim, rinse, and pat dry your favorite cut of Grinch Roast.

 Slice the onions, green pepper & mushrooms, keep them separate to start.

 In the bowl, mix ground  pepper, garlic powder, and any other dry spices you choose. You will need a pretty fair amount.

Mix half of the spices with the onions. Set the other half aside, to go under the roast, & to mix with the mushrooms & green pepper slices.

 Rub butter on the Grinch Roast so your spice mix will stick to it good.

 Work the other half of the spices into the meat .

Shove sliced onions into every nook and cranny of the Grinch.  Don’t be shy with the onions!  Any onions you have left over- put a good layer in the bottom of your glass dish, mix the rest with the mushrooms & peppers to slather over everything before you put it in the oven.

Lay out bacon slices equal to the length of your onion stuffed Grinch.  Wrap the whole thing up together. Patch any gaps with more bacon as you go.

Once your Grinch Roast is fully bacon wrapped,  fasten it at the top with the toothpicks, then lay it gently  on top of the onions in the glass baking dish.

Cover with the remaining onions, green peppers & mushrooms

Hit the whole thing again  with Pepper from the grinder, and any more spices you care to add on top.

Finish with a few generous splashes of liquid smoke & Worcestershire Sauce.

Cover and put it in the oven.

Cooking time: About 2 hours- depending on the size of your Grinch.  If it’s  a bone in Grinch- cook until the meat literally falls off the bone.  For boneless cuts of Grinch- stick a fork in it, it should slide through like butter when it’s done.

Once cooked,  remove from oven- It’s ready to slice and serve!  I leave the bacon on when I serve it.

If It’s a pre-cook for camp, let everything cool a bit- double wrap everything in heavy duty foil, and refrigerate or put in the cooler until you are ready to warm it up on the grill. 

Suggested sides:  Roasted Baby Red Potatoes,  Roasted Baby Carrots. Crescent rolls or garlic bread for soppin’ up all the juice!

Recommended Wine Pairing: Ice Cold Beer

Calories: “Yup!”

Don’t Plan on Leftovers! 

“Bon Appetite!”