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April’s Promise

An SLHS ’81 Classmate Collaboration

By Jackie Ely & Dick Monroe

(With a cameo assist by Karen Barrow Pittman)

“Waiting For Spring”
(Jackie Ely Photo)

Winter’s Long March Behind Me

Birch Trees Framing My Thoughts

“Lakeside Birches”
(Jackie Ely Photo)

Sitting Alone in a Park

Contemplating Ice-Covered Mountain Lake Waters

“Quiet Contemplation'”
(Jackie Ely Photo)

Quietly Waiting for Spring

(And waiting…and waiting)

Soaking In April’s Promise


Jackie Ely took the photos.

I wrote the poem.

Karen Barrow Pittman provided the next to last line.

A true SLHS ’81 Classmate Collaboration.


Until Our Trails Cross Again:

Jackie Ely


Dick Monroe

aka: ADKO