Join The Choir
Reflecting on today, plotting tomorrow.
Love the ride
Set Your Heading

Halfway To Bulletproof

*Author’s Warning: Darkness lies ahead. It’s a place in my life. The part I show no one. Not a place that I seek. Just a trail I end up on. A black that finds me. A dark place where I go. Unexpectedly sometimes. It’s a part of me now. A well beaten path. I know the route. Those who’ve been there; you know what I mean.

To everyone else; You don’t ever want to.


Written Off Once

Told To Meet God

Danced With Eight Devils

Spittin’ Life’s Blood


Caught in An Ambush

Grim Reaper’s Justice

Satan’s Crossfire

“Tap ‘Em All Twice”


Defenses Breached

Position Overrun

“Broken Arrow” “Broken Arrow”

Ranger’s Last Call


Lock & Load

One More Mag

Pull the Pin

Final Frag


Hot Steel & Smoke

Makin’ Hell Rain

Halfway to Bulletproof

Defying Death’s Pain


Until Our Trails Cross Again:

“Never Surrender”

“Rangers Lead The Way”