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Outlaw Aspirations

Author’s Note: I’m not sure what I wanted to be most when I was young: Archaeologist, Major League Baseball Player, Daniel Boone, or Poet. I’ve tried my hand at all four along the way, with varied results. Many of those endeavors are chronicled here in my blog. God willing, more will follow.

I was never particularly good at any one thing. I played a great deal of mediocre baseball in my “career”. I’ve dug a lot of holes, looking for cool rocks, old bottles, buried treasure & “stuff”. Sometimes I’ve even found it. Sometimes I still do.

I did rock that coon skin cap though! Don’t you think? I’ve kept it around all these years. It’s my outlaw crown. Now my son RJ wears it.

“Hey! There’s My Cap! “

“Stop Thief! It’s Gettin’ Away!”

I began my writing career at the age of four or five. Here’s my very first poem, penned in about 1967 or ’68, unpublished until now. It’s likely my best ever piece.

Thought it high time I shared it.



Spring Is As Gold As A Ring

It Makes Me Want To Sing

High High In The Deep Blue Sky

Little Birdies Like To Fly


Until Our Trails Cross Again:

Let Youthful Dreams & Aspirations Fly

In This Day We Are In

Despite The Clouds In the Sky

Spring Is Here

In Our Hearts

Sun Still Shines