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Slow Ticked The Clock

An Inauguration Day Countdown Retrospective In Haiku


Author’s Note

It has been a gut wrenching time in American History. What happened on January 6th was a jarring real time illustration of all of the divisive chaos that hate, racism, and deceit engender. While all of America watched in utter disbelief, insurrectionist traitors attacked our Nation’s Capitol from within.

As we all watched in horror, our Democracy’s integrity was threatened. Uniformed troops and razor wire were deployed to guard our Capitol from further attack. While America slowly awoke, rallying it’s forces to defend and counter threat of further attack, I penned and posted on TWITTER this Inauguration Day countdown clock, in Haiku.

Everyone who knows me knows well that I take great pride in flying the American Flag from the pole my father and I mounted years ago in our front yard. For the last four years, with but one or two key exceptions, I have not flown mine. I’ve been guarding it against a threat from within.

I took an oath to guard our Nation against all enemies, foreign, and domestic. Hate, racism, and deceit are Democracy’s greatest threats. For the past four years, I’ve been guarding our colors against them.

Yesterday, for the first time, I once again flew our Nation’s proud colors. Free of fear, filled with pride.

If nothing else, a writer’s true value lies in their effort to with words snapshot key moments in history. While I am certain others did so with far greater eloquence, this was my personal endeavor to document a critical moment in our own.

I attempted to capture in a snapshot of words, the entire range of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, anger, hope, and emotion collectively felt as we held our breath, prayed, hoped and counted down to better days ahead together.

For no matter our personal political persuasion, I firmly believe all of America truly hoped for a peaceful celebration of America’s greatness.

An American Tradition we all share under God as one nation.

While this dire moment sprouted from the seed of lies and deceit, America will heal. This moment shall be overcome. It must never be forgotten.


Inauguration Day Countdown


And The Clock

Struck Six

Tick Tick Tick



As The Chimes

Ring Five

Democracy Sighs



Liberty’s Bell Tolls Four

Men At Arms

Guard America’s Door



(Note: Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

“Free At Last!” Echoes Thrice

“I Have A Dream!”

Razor Wire, Freedom’s Price



(Note: Here I tried to capture both the angst & anticipation of the moment and the beauty of the sea of flags waving on the Capitol grounds.)

Democracy’s Day Looms

Bunting And Banners

Salute Red White And Blue






Until Our Trails Cross Again:

God Bless America

Amen & Amen