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Set Your Heading

Snow Patrol Ambush

Snow Patrol Leader

Saranac Diamond In the “Ruff”

Supervising Her Troops From Snow Patrol Heaven


Hey! Let Us Out!”

“We Just Want To Help!”


Just look at those innocent faces!

I walked right into their trap.


“It’s An Ambush!”

I’m surrounded!”

After a quick burst of fire I dive for cover behind a pile of fresh shoveled snow.

“I’m Out!”

I pull my flip phone from my pocket, find my wife’s number, and hit “Send”.

I manage to stammer out a quick re-supply request between sucks of wind;

“Calling Robin… under attack, taking heavy fire… Request dog treat resupply- over.”

Robin soon appears at the back door, head shaking, that big Irish smile in her eyes, dog biscuits in hand.


“Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!”

“Bark! Bark! Bark!”

A counter attack comes in from my rear.

“Captain Blue”

“Man down! I’m hit!”

I throw a snowball grenade to distract my attackers.

Re-armed and reloaded, I spring to my feet.

“Snow Patrol Report!”

My attackers bound over. They smell treats.

We negotiate a Truce.

“Snow patrol sit!”

“Bark! Bark! Bark!”

“Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!”


“Snow Patrol present and accounted for, Sir!”

Armed with dog biscuits, I begin “Roll Call”:


“Inspecting The Troops”

“Diamond & Promise”

“Snow Patrol – Report!”


“Bark! Woof!- Present-Now where’s my treat?”


“Captain Blue”

“Woof!- Present for duty Sir!”



“Grrrrr… (Attitude problem)- Yeah, I’m here!”



“Growl!- Present! Hey! Blue got TWO biscuits!”



“Bark-Bark! Bark!”

(That Little Gal Always Has An Opinion)



“Pant- Pant -Pant”

“Just Happy To Be A Dog, Sir!”



“No Answer”

“A moment of silence for our fallen comrade.”

We have six dogs now. All Shetland Sheepdogs. We used to have seven. Our oldest female, “Saranac Diamond In The Ruff” passed last winter. She supervises now from Dog Heaven.

Diamond’s Sleigh Ride

Our Snow Patrol Leader’s Farewell Patrol


“Angel”, “Shadow”,and “Lady”

Mom’s Original

“Saranac Shelties”

Patrolling Together With Diamond From Heaven


I love to watch my Snow Patrol romp.

Our Two-Legged Monroe “Pups”


“Khalisi in her glory!”

“Making Snow Angels”


We play driveway ice frisbee or “keep away”.

“I’ve got It!”

“Grampa- throw it to me! I’m open!”

(My Snow Patrol Calls Me “Grampa”)


We make security snow patrols around our perimeter.

They “help” me shovel.

“Player Stole Our Shovel!”

Maverick & Diamond

“Hey! It’s Snowing Out Here!”

“We Finished Shoveling!”


“Let Us In!”


Now if I could just teach them to pull my sleigh

I’d be set!


Until our trails meet again:

Just Remember:

When out On Snow Patrol

Take Plenty of Ammo

Graham getting some air!

You just might get Ambushed!