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Irish Autumn

Author’s Note: I drafted this poem many years ago for my wife. My handwritten notes simply bear the date “1990”, so I must have written it shortly after Robin and I married. For reasons unbeknownst to me at this point in life, it sat all these years gathering dust in my archives, until a faded paper copy of it fell out of an old album just recently, while Robin and I were cleaning out and preparing our “Momma & Grandpa” grandchildren’s nursery. I must have actually given it to her at some point. It sat in that album all these long years. A long-forgotten poem to my wife. A little serendipitous “Luck O’ the Irish”.

I took that as a hint.

I thought;

“It’s about time I dusted my Irish Autumn’s poem off.”



Laughter From the Hearthstones

Fire’s Warming Heart

Leprechauns in Shamrock Fields

Frolic Autumn’s Skirts


Sunlight Shining from the Sky

October’s Cool Crisp Blue

Shaded by a Cloudy Grey

Reflecting Green-Gold Dewy Hue


Chuckled Winds Whisp Through the Forest

Brilliant Splash of Harvest Glee

Mother Nature’s Quilted Carpet

Clover Queen’s Bright Tapestry


Rainbow’s Promised Gold Beguiles

Lucky Hunted Hart Doth Steal

Wonders from a Northern Isle

Irish Lass in Shepherd’s Fields


Until Our Trails Cross Again: