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Weathered and Waiting

Author’s Note: What a beautiful day today!

Everything sparkles after last night’s fresh snow.

The sky is so blue.

The sun shine’s such bright warmth.

 I took my canine companions out for a snowshoe “paw patrol” stroll.

The poem below formed in my head while the dogs explored and cut fresh trails in the snow, and I snapped some photos.


Our “Paw Patrol” Snowshoe Stroll:

“Come On Grampa! Let’s go!”
Graham, Player, Blue & Khalisi
(Blue & Khalisi were encountering technical difficulties)

Captain Blue & Khalisi
At Home in the Snow

Graham & Player Breaking Trail
“Hurry up Grampa! You’re gettin’ pokey in your old age!”

“Hey Grampa! Look What we found!
Let’s go hunting”


The Poem:

Weathered and Waiting

Snowflake Winds Waning

Frosted Freeze Fading

Sun Filled Skies Shining

Winter Marches Towards Spring


Wrinkled Time’s Snow-White Hare

Weary Bones Soak Sun’s Warmth

Weathered and Waiting

Like An Old Adirondack Chair


Memory’s Wind Trekked Trails

Woodstove Fire’s Chimney Smoke

Weathered and Waiting

Spring’s Snow-Capped Hope

Last spring’s White Pine seedling.
I planted 30 of them.
Weathered and waiting for spring


Until Our Trails Cross Again: