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Baptized at Bull Rush Bay

Ari Rae Marra’s Adirondack Outlaw Christening

In the name of The Father,
The Son,
and this lake we so love…

Bull Rush Bay 2022 was not only our Monroe family’s 50th anniversary camp celebration, it was also an Adirondack Outlaw camp celebration as Ari Rae’s first.

Plans and preparation for this big event began late last fall. The NYSDEC built a brand spanking new lean-to to mark the occasion. Grandpa made a week’s camping reservation for the 2nd week of September at our family’s favorite Middle Saranac Lake site 63 Bull Rush Bay spot.

Grandpa and Uncle RJ went all in on our family’s new Outlaw boat.

Introducing “Outlaw”

The plan was for Grandpa to canoe down the lake with one load of camping gear on Thursday morning via South Creek. Uncle RJ and Aunt Abby would ferry the main load of camping gear up through the locks on the new Outlaw boat. Momma Monroe would hike in from Ampersand with a full backpack load of her own, accompanied by Maizee Mae and Khalisi, two of our family’s ADK Outlaw dogs, where she would rendezvous at the beach with the Outlaw boat after Uncle RJ and Aunt Abby linked up with Grandpa at camp and offloaded.

Everything went according to plan. Gear got unloaded, tents and camp got set up. After a traditional Monroe first night in camp Hunter’s Stew dinner, everyone awoke early Friday morning to prepare for Ari Rae’s arrival in camp.

Grandpa and Momma deployed first, canoeing to the beach where Mom and Dad were hiking in with Ari Rae, Graham and Blue from the Ampersand walk-in. Khalisi and Maizee Mae accompanied Grandpa and Momma in the canoe.

Awaiting Ari Rae’s arrival
Momma Monroe at the Ampersand Walk-in with Maizee Mae & Khalisi

Momma waited at the beach with the pups, where Uncle RJ and Aunt Abby would soon join them with the Outlaw boat to ferry Ari Rae into camp. Grandpa hiked up the trail to meet Ari Rae as she experienced her first hike into camp with mom, dad, Blue and Graham.

I’m so excited!”
Ari Rae, Mom, Dad, Blue & Graham
At the Ampersand Walk in

Grandpa snapped photos as Ari Rae and her family walked in to meet the rest of the family waiting at the lake.

“This is gonna be so awesome!

“Grandpa, what’s that noise?
I think I hear a bear!”

“Nature’s Picture Frame”
Ari Rae on the trail with her family

“We stopped to rest by a big log.”

“I saw lots of big trees.”

“I like hiking. It’s awesome!”
“Hey Grandpa! I think I see a deer in the bushes!”

“Ari Rae’s first trip across the bridge.
I’m having so much fun!”
“Whew! We made it!
Grandpa, that bridge is DANGEROUS!”

“Almost to the beach!
Khalisi heard us coming down the trail.
She came to greet us.”

“We made it!
I’m so happy to be here with Momma & my family.
I love camping.”

“I’m getting hungry Grandpa.
How much further is it to camp?
Oh, that’s way too long to wait.
I think I need my binky.”

Ari Rae’s first camping binky catastrophe. There was an incident.

“Uhhh, Grandpa…”
“We have a situation.”

Uncle RJ and Aunt Abby met us with the Outlaw boat, as planned.

“Getting ready for my first Adirondack Outlaw boat ride!

“Ari Rae on the beach.
I’m so excited!
Am I an outlaw yet Grandpa?
I just love camping!”

“Getting Ari Rae ready to ride.
Uncle RJ supervising.”

“Look at me Grandpa!
I’ve got my life jacket on.
I’m ready to roll!

“Ari Rae’s first Outlaw boat ride.”

“Crossing Middle Saranac Lake.
Uncle RJ at the helm.
Stony Creek Mountain in the background.”

“Ari Rae on the Outlaw boat with her mom & dad.
Making her first trip across Middle Saranac Lake into camp.”

“We made it!”

Here I am, sitting in camp.
Boy am I starved!
Dinner’s simmering on the fire.
Mom’s rustling me up some grub.”
“Reinforcements arrived!
Grandpa & Aunt Abby came back across the lake in the canoe w/Maizee Mae & Khalisi.”

Ari Rae has arrived!
“Here I am, Bull Rush Bay.
Sitting in camp with my family.”

“Nothing like sitting by the fire in camp with my Momma.”

“Sharing some camp ba-ba time with my grandpa.”

“Just chillin’.
I’ve got this camping stuff down!”

Ari Rae & her family hiked back out Friday night. They stayed at Great Uncle Ray & Great Aunt Patty’s house in Saranac Lake. They were out of town. Ari Rae hiked back in with her family on Saturday for another day full of awesome Adirondack Outlaw adventures in camp.

“I can’t wait until I can have some of Grandpa’s wild turkey soup in my bottle!”

“Me & Grandpa are going hiking!
I’m a little nervous.
Grandpa says we might see a moose!”

Look at me!
I’m an awesome outlaw hiker!”

“I love hiking with Grandpa!”

“Momma, I’m an expert now.
This is a pine tree.”

“I can’t wait until I’m big enough to climb on this rock.”

“Grandpa’s so silly.
He’s doing that pose again, isn’t he.”

“These are birch trees, Momma.
Grandpa says he’s going to teach me how to use them to help us build a fire.”

“Ari Rae & Grandpa on the rock by the lake.”

“Our whole family on the rock.
Celebrating 50 years of Monroe family Bull Rush Bay Camp.”

It’s official!
“In the name of The Father,
The Son
& The Adirondack Outlaw…”
Ari Rae has been Bull Rush Bay Baptized.


Until Our trails Cross Again:

“Look Mom!
I’m an outlaw!”

ADK Ari Rae & ADKO