Join The Choir
Reflecting on today, plotting tomorrow.
Love the ride
Set Your Heading

Baseball Dreams

Somewhere Out There

Beyond All Worry And Strife

Exists A parallel Universe

Where Dreams Are Reality

Where Baseball Is Life


Somewhere Out There

Exists An Alternate World

Where Imagination Sprints Onto The Field

Where I’m Pitching Baseballs

To The Roar Of The Crowd


Somewhere Beyond Anywhere

Hometown Team Up By One Run

Fielders Chatter Encouragement

In The Top Of The 9th

As I Take The Mound


Somewhere Past Eternity

The Visiting Team Down To Their Final Out

The Bases Are Juiced

I Go Into My Stretch

The Ump Has Called A Full Count


Somewhere Out There

Exists A Parallel Universe

Where Dreams Are Reality

The Ump Calls “STRIKE THREE!”

I Pump My Fist, Doff My Cap

And Slowly Stride to the Dugout


Until Our Trails Cross Again:


May All Your Pitches Be Strikes

And All Your Dreams Be Reality