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Captain Blue’s Crew

A Cancer Fighting Canine’s Morning Paw Patrol Photo Shoot


Captain Blue

As folks may or may not know by now, our Monroe Paw Patrol family recently received some very devastating news. Captain Blue, our canine Paw Patrol Leader, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Captain Blue is only six and a half years old. Captain Blue’s prognosis is grim. His dog doctors say Captain Blue’s cancer is both serious and terminal.

So, as folks can imagine, the news was a heart wrenching punch to our gut.

We shed tears, fret & worry about what the future holds for our paw patrol’s leader pup.

But not today!

Today is a good day.

Captain Blue is happy and full of life.

Today is another day that God has given us.

So, we are going to enjoy it.

The girls abandoned ship early in favor of second breakfast treats with their Paw Patrol Momma.

So, it ended up just being Grandpa and the boys.

Captain Blue, Graham & Player.

It was a beautiful morning, so we took the long route.

Captain Blue stopped to rest along the way,

but Player and Graham looked after him.

Especially Graham.

He looks after and up to his brave cancer fighting big brother.

We stopped by Trickle Falls.

Player and Graham sniffed stuff and explored.

Captain Blue waded into the pond and got himself a nice long drink.

Then we patrolled up past Outpost

And down towards Outer Boundary Trail

We went in Paw Patrol single file across Tranquility Bridge

Captain Blue paused to admire the view

Graham decided to lounge in the clover just beyond Seven Point Bridge

Then we patrolled on down through Tri-Ponds

And made our way home

A great many Fears, tears & worries lie ahead

We do not know what challenges life holds

But not today!

Today is a good day

Living in the Day We Are In

One more paw patrol day God has given us to enjoy together



Until Our Trails Cross Again:

Captain Blue

His paw patrol brother & sister