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“Escaped From New York”

Scanning through some old Adirondack Outlaw camp photos.

Ran into this one.

Upon close examination I suddenly realized:


That’s a young Snake Pliskin on the right!

Pre-eye patch

Pre-Leather Vest

Pre- New York


Right there in our camp!

Got word from an undisclosed location up north not long ago:

“Pliskin just arrived. He escaped from NY.”

Of course he did!

A pair of Adirondack Outlaws trained him!

Rumor has it,

Pliskin’s linked up with Boone.

Also Adirondack Outlaw Trained

Time For Some Serious Kick Ass Next Gen Mission Prep!

Pliskin & Boone!

Our Next Gen ADK Outlaw Hope


Until Our Trails Cross Again:

“Sign don’t Say nuttin’ ’bout huntin’.”