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Reflecting on today, plotting tomorrow.
Love the ride
Set Your Heading

My Daily Prayer

The Mid-Morning Sun
Viewed Through the Trees
Site 63, Bull Rush Bay
Middle Saranac Lake

Greetings! Even after nearly fourteen years, this remains my daily prayer. Said quietly, every morning, first thing, as I mark yesterday off the calendar, put that day in my pocket to save, and prepare to take on THIS day!

I was out working on my trails one day a few years ago, as I always do. It was spring. I was not doing much. Just working along, thinking quietly to myself, enjoying nature, contemplating life.

My cell phone rang. It was our church Pastor, just checking in. I haven’t been to church in a while. My back lot is my church. The preacher’s check in was appreciated.

God’s messengers know where to find me, 24/7.

The Lord hears my prayers. I answer his calls.

Sitting out on my land
Taking in My tube feeding Under my favorite oak tree
My pups always know where to find me

“Thank You Lord

For Yesterday, Today, and Each and Every Day of Life


My Daily Prayer

I’ve been saying it every day since September 8, 2008.

The day I was diagnosed with cancer.

Surviving cancer is a test of endurance, courage, perseverance, and strength over time. I have said this prayer every morning, without fail, since the day nearly fourteen years ago when my wife and I heard those words;

“We are sorry- it’s cancer.”

My 3rd Degree Black Belt
My Taekwondo National Championship Gold Medal
MY Dog Tags
My Nation’s Flag
My Ranger Handbook

I say it each morning as I mark a big “X” through yesterday on the family photo album wall calendar hanging over my desk, reminding myself that I can now put that day in my pocket- I own it, cancer can never take it from me- it’s mine- and that today is a new day, a new challenge, a new journey, a new adventure- today is a new day that will never come again- time to get at it!

Yesterday’s Tomorrow Is each new day’s Today!”


Until our trails cross again:

Live This Day We Are In!

Be Well & Safe