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Living A Bit Outlaw

One of my handmade trail signs on my property’s private trail system

Have you ever passed in a no passing zone? Ran a Red Light…. On purpose? Exceeded the speed limit….After Dark….While driving your Dad’s boat? Checked out in the “Express Lane” with too many items? Made a wake in a “NO WAKE” zone? Called in sick when you weren’t?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to sneak back into the barracks- Military or Mom’s – after “Lights Out”. Missed “morning formation” because you were too busy the night before out howling at the moon. Been “creative” with your taxes. Cursed the world. Asked forgiveness from God.

We are all a bit Outlaw, down deep, where it counts.

My Adirondack Outlaw hatchet. I found the hatchet head near our Middle Saranac Lake camp. It’s nearly 100 years old. I cleaned it up and sharpened it. I hand hewed the handle myself, from Adirondack striped maple. The book is my U.S. Army Ranger handbook. My bible.

This blog shares my journey, testing boundaries, pushing limits. From the Adirondacks to the Army, raising a family, beating cancer-3 times, through life on the other side.

Life is choices. The ones we make. The ones we don’t. The Outlaw in each of us respects the rules. The Outlaw in each of us respects free will. The Outlaw in each of us lives life on the lam, balancing the two, without fear or guilt.

I am an Adirondack Outlaw. I’ve lived life to it’s fullest. Ridden with some great posses. Survived a few shootouts. Been on the lam.

But with Father Time as Sheriff, and God as my Judge- I’ve stopped running. Turned myself in. Done my penance. Served my sentence. Made my peace.

I now live in the day I am in. Beyond fear. No regrets.

I am an Adirondack Outlaw.

These are my stories.

I hope you enjoy them.


Until Our Trails Cross Again:

I love big rocks. They hold great energy. They teach me many things. Sometime in the past, someone cut this granite rock. It has a big vein of rose quartz through its center. I harvested it from my old farm lot’s original stone boundary fence.