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Snapshot Perspectives On Life,

Offered Through The Lens Of My North Country Eyes

Accidentally Insightful, Occasionally Humorous

Frequently Neither

Sometimes Both


Outlaw Author’s Note:

I will continually update this post through time

As new thoughts & views arise

Whenever the mood strikes me

To read updated entries

Please continue to scroll down

Welcome To My Views Of The North Country!



The Monroe Family Legacy

Thomas R. Monroe

Resting In Peace

“Forever Wild”


Dad’s DEC Honor Guard

A Forest Ranger Salute


North Country Views:

One More Sunrise

Upright & Above Ground

God Bless This Day


“I Roam The North Wood”

“Where Sun Is But Myth”


“Sign Don’t Say Nuttin’ ‘Bout Huntin’.”


“Definitely Different!”

“Legends Or Myths?”


What Defines “Adirondack”?

I Recently Attended

An “Adirondack” Writer’s Conference

Poetry Entries Were Solicited

The Caveat?

Submissions Must Be “Adirondack”

I Politely Inquired:

What Constitutes “Adirondack?”

The Response:

“Current Residency Within The Blue Line”


I Posed The Question:

I’ve Lived At Both Ends Of The Northville/Placid Trail

I Was Raised In Saranac Lake

My Father Lies Buried There

I Hunted, Hiked, Fished & Worked These High Peaks

My Brother & His Family Still Reside There

My Son Attends Paul Smiths

Am I Not Adirondack?


“Oh! Your Brother Resides Here?!”

“He’s Adirondack.”

“You Aren’t.”

“However, We Shall Consider Your Submissions”

“Use Your Brother’s Address”

Not EXACTLY What I Was Thinkin’ Right Then…

But I’m Pretty Sure You Get The Picture


The Saranac Lake Free Library?

Where the “Adirondack” Poetry Group Meets In Each Month?

The One I Must Use MY BROTHER’S Address To Be Eligible for?

My Mom Was Part Time Librarian There!

I Shoveled Those Library Sidewalk Each Winter Day Before School

After Hours, I vacuumed Floors, Dusted Tables

The Saranac Lake Free Library Paid 25 Cents An Hour

I Was Paid Once A Week

My First Paid Job

I Had My Own Front Entrance Key

My Own Saranac Lake Free Library Card

Apparently My Membership Expired

Once I Grew Up & Moved


What Defines “Adirondack”?

Or More Importantly; “Who?”

These Peaks have Existed For Over 400 Million Years

Beyond Ashes To Dust

They will Reign 400 Million More

What Gives Any “Current Resident” The Authority

To Define “Adirondack”?

That Just Ain’t Right!


“Adirondack” Is Not Some Exclusive Club

It Transcends Geography

Exists Unconstrained By Artificial “Blue Lines”

Is Much More Than Any Given Spot On A Map

“Adirondack” Has No Permanent Residency Requirements

Just Ask The Ducks, Canadian Geese, Birds, & Loons

They All Fly South For The Winter

Are They Still “Adirondack”

When They Make Their Return?



That Fragrant Windblown Evergreen Scent

“Forever Wild”

Broad Based Roots

Nature’s North Woods Soul

Mortal Man Has No Right To Define


Majestic High Peaks Forest Terrain

Here Long Before Us

We Simply Pass Through It

We Don’t Define “Adirondack”

“Adirondack” Defines Us


So That Begs The Question:

Did I Submit?


I’m An Adirondack Outlaw

I Pitched Camp Right Here!

Middle Saranac Lake

Where The Monroe Family’s Been Camping

Ever Since My Brother Ray & I Were Young Boys

Be “Adirondack”

Come Visit Our Family’s Camp For Awhile!


“Camp Monroe

Site 63

“Bull Rush Bay”


Visitors Welcome!

Reasonable Rates

Rooms Available

Shirt & Shoes Optional

No Reservations Required

Bear Dances Nightly


Camp Caretakers:

“Here- YOU Take The Selfie!”

“NO – YOU Take The Selfie….”

“I’ll Take The Beer”


Fine Dining

“Chez Bull Rush Bay”

House Specialty:

“Camp Cuisine”

Menu Varies

Hot Dogs & S’Mores Always On Tap

Take Out Available


Camp Kitchen


Seasonally Operated

Open Daily

Dinner Served About Five

If It’s Windy Or Raining

Or The Camp Chef’s Out Fishin’

Better Make That Six


Meet The “Camp Chef”

Canadian Currency Accepted At Par

No Credit Cards Please

Tips Not Recommended

“Don’t Feed The Bear”

He Does Accept Beer



“Bring Your Own Boat”

Ferry Service

Available Upon Request

Chauffeur A Bit Loony

Ride At Your Own Risk


The Monroe Artist’s Gallery

Always at Work


Armed & Dangerous

“We Deal In Wood”


Aspiring Artists

Erratically Motivated

Questionable Talent


Fine Art



Hands Off My Hatchet!

Adirondack Outlaw Use Only!

Go Make Your Own!


North Country Choices:

Occasionally, without even knowing it at the time, we make choices that define the course of our lives. One of my son RJ’s was when he chose to attend Paul Smith’s College. RJ’s life from here forward will be forever defined by his

“Walk In The Woods”


North Country Naturalized

Birth Right Citizens

“Floe & Moe”

Our Canadian Herd


Emergency Weather Alert:

The Television just broadcast the following alert for Lake Ontario’s Eastern Region:

“Gonna Keep Snowin’ Like A Son-Of-A-Bitch For Awhile

This Has Been A Public Service Announcement

You May Now Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming”


Morning View Out My Window

“Just Another Day At The Office”

Three Young Turks

Headed Off To Work



When You Find Yourself

Out Driving Alone

Six Inches Past Midnight

North Country Road

Snowin’ Like a Son-Of-A-Bitch

Plow’s Been Through Once

Center Line Buried

Which Lane Do YOU Choose?

I Recommend Driving OUTLAW

Think for Yourself


North Country Notice:

Due To Technical Difficulties,

Ice Hockey Arena Temporarily Closed For Repairs

Season Ticket Holders:

“That’s Okay

“We’ll Just Sit And Wait”


The Coming Storm


Adrenaline Fed

That’s Not the Problem

The True Challenge Lies

In Keeping These Gale Force Winds

From Blowin’ The Roof Off My Shed

Load Heavy

Storm’s Comin’

Are You Feelin’ It Yet?


North Country Real Estate Listing:

3 Bedroom Ranch; 17 Acre Lot

2 Stall Garage; Paved Hockey Rink



North Country Math:

A “Variable Four To Six” = Eight

Except On The Tug Hill Plateau

Or In A Lake Effect Squall

Off Lake Ontario’s Shore

In That Case

Add Two More Inches

Plus A Few


North Country Calculus:

Snowfall Rate: Two Inches Per Hour

Multiply x Three Days

Increase By A Wind Gust Factor of 30 Miles Per Hour

= My “Post Storm” Morning Driveway

OOPS! Just Lost Power!

Simple Snow Mathematics No Longer Suffices

Here In The North Country

We Use “Snow Calculus”


Our North Country Gal:

“Saranac Diamond In The Ruff”

Just Tryin’ On

Her New Winter Coat


North Country Fisherman’s Tale

Sorry I’m Late For Dinner, Dear”

“Another Busy Day At The Office”


*Author’s Note*

That Ain’t Me

I’m Much Better Lookin’


Diamond Mine

Middle Saranac Lake

Short Season Mining Operation

Priceless Adirondack Gemstones

Special In Season Sale Price:



North Country Viewpoint:

A Fresh Coat Of Snow


A Free Winter Trail Cam

No Batteries Required

Blanket Coverage

Just Count The Fresh Tracks


North Country Views:

(February 29th 2020)

More Fresh Snow =Free Trail Cam Batteries

Mother Nature’s Been Generous

Half A Foot Of Fresh Snow

She Can Stop Any Time

I’ve Got Enough New Trail Cam Batteries Now

To Get My Cams Through The Rest Of The Winter


North Country Views (Update):

(February 29th 2020)

Still Gettin’ Hammered

Lake Ontario’s East Region

To Heck With Trail Cams!

Time To Break Out The Dog Sled!

Love My Snow Patrol Paws!


North Country Views:

(February 29th 2020)

Just Came in. Out clearing Snow so my RN wife could get in the driveway after a 24 hour overnight shift. Outdoor temp: +5 degrees balmy!

Updated cancellations/closings just scrolled across the bottom of our television screen:

“South Jefferson Central school District Swim Lessons Cancelled Today.”


I was just putting on my suit!


North Country Views:

In This Current Somehow Anti Male World Climate

I Just Wished To Share One Outlaw Male Thought:

Driving A Sexy Four wheel Drive Vehicle Is Okay In Most Weather

A Good Man With a Plow?

In A North Country Snowstorm

Far Better

Any Questions?

Just Ask My Wife


“Mouse Trap”

30 Plus Years

Safe In Our House

We Add a “Mom Suite”



A Mouse!

1 Peanut Butter Trap

One Mouse Caught

Add One More Trap

Catch One More Mouse

Then Three

Then Five

Then Seven

What the ????!!!

Then It Dawns On Me

I Remove All the Peanut Butter Traps

This Winter?

Zero Mice

Lesson Learned:

Want Fewer Mice?

Use Less Bait


Lucky Charms

Saint Patrick’s Day Pals

North Country Leprechauns

*I’m The Good Lookin’ One On The Right*


North Country Views:

“Give ‘Em The Heater!”

Melting Snow Slowly Fades

The Thermometer Teases

A Robin Flits Past Frosted Sills

Winter’s Chill Lingers

Old Bones Still Seek

A Warm Fireside Spot

Spring Hints The Air

Yet My Stove Still Burns Wood


Until Our Trails Cross Again:

Enjoy the View!

Live Outlaw!

Each Day You Are In