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OUTLAW 20/20

“Welcoming In The New Year”

“Stayin’ Warm by The Stove”

     Well, here we are!  Another decade behind us- it’s  ours now.  We own it.  2020 before us- who knows what lies on the trail ahead!

     This decade certainly ended with a few nice surprises.

     My wife Robin & I were up north last fall, just out riding- taking in some fall foliage along the Ausable.

     We stopped in a really cool shop in Keene.  “Owl’s Head Rustic”.  I often find those spontaneous stops are the best.  This place was AWESOME!  Someday when we’re rich we’re gonna furnish our whole house from that place!

    I spotted a rocker.  Hand hewn hickory.  Ruggedly rustic. Perfect!  But alas- we had the wrong wagon, not enough cash – settled for a nice area rug instead.

    Well, long story short- Christmas Ambush!

I’m sitting in that hickory rocker right now.   In true Outlaw fashion-My wife, daughters & Mom hatched a scheme & went back up and got it. Hid it from me somewhere for over a week.  Had it under our tree Christmas morning.

      The quilt in the photo- Mom made that from scratch!  Another Christmas surprise.  Gorgeous!  Vivid memories, painstakingly hand stitched with love.

     But 2019 wasn’t quite yet done. I was napping in my new rocker, the day after Christmas. My phone rang.  It was my chain saw artist friend.  Same guy who carved Mom’s garden gnome “Saranac”.

     “Hey Dick- How’s it goin’ man?  Merry Christmas! Gotta move some inventory, Man.  Havin’ a sale.”

     I went right over.  Spotted the birds. I’d seen them before- two osprey with a trout.   I bought that piece on the spot.  It’s now perched in our nook. 

     Unmarked trails. Ones not on the map.  I love to hike ’em. Never quite know where they might go.

     I’ve been drafting my next piece.  My first 2020 post.  The story’s been ready for nearly three days- but not the “featured photo.”  I lacked certain props.  Old comic books to be exact.  I needed about four. 

     I hit every comic book store in town- all the used book stores, antique shops too.  Apparently no one sells comic books any more- they’re all on line.

     That’s where my trail took me – So that’s where I went.

     “Welcome to Ebay!”

       The dust finally settled- FOUR HUNDRED!!! (Give or take a few dozen) AWESOME old comic books later………  I just warned our mailman.

     Hey!  As those who’ve hiked life with me know all too well- that’s how I tend to roll.

“Every Day I am In.”

  I have several New Year’s resolutions to share:

     Sing with Loons

  Dance With Bears

  Let Your North Star Guide You

  Plot Your Course

Enjoy the Ride


Until Our Trails cross again:

Live Outlaw 20/20!

Each Day We Are In