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Snowshoe Tracks

Author’s Note: The snowshoes pictured here are my dad’s vintage pair. He made them in Ranger School during his time at Wanakena. He graduated from Ranger School in 1961, two years before I was born. They are still sturdy, solid and strong. I have taken great care to maintain them. They hang from their own special hook on my wall. Every time I “click in” and cut a new track through fresh fallen snow, my dad is there with me. His pair of hand-crafted shoes guides my life’s path, provides solid footing beneath me, and ensures I have a good set of tracks so no matter how deep into snow drifted wilderness my adventures may take me, I can always safely find my way home.


Those who edit their tracks

Risk losing their way

In life’s snowdrift wilderness


Those who mark

A good solid trail

Through time’s snow

Will remember life’s route

And find their way home


Until Our Trails Cross Again: